Cavalry Chapel

Message Title (Click to listen) Speaker
David Cooper- God is in Control 20171029 David Cooper
David Cooper- Be Ye Kind One to the Nother 20170924 David Cooper
David Cooper- What Does Wisdom Look Like 20170910 David Cooper
David Cooper- Suit Up and Stand_20170604 David Cooper
Chip Satterlee- To Live is Christ_20170528 Chip Satterlee
David Cooper- Ascension_20170521 David Cooper
Eric Light- All Your Strength_20170514 Eric Light
Chip Satterlee- All Your Soul_20170430 Chip Satterlee
Eric Light- All Your heart_20170423 Eric Light
David Cooper- Three Blessings From Easter_20170416 David Cooper
Temple Teachings 03-26-2017 David Cooper
What Is Your Donkey? 03-19-2017 Chip Satterlee
The Blessing In Bethany 03-12-2017 Eric Light
Truth, Justice, and the Biblical Way 03-05-2017 Chip Satterlee
What the Bible Says About Associations 02-26-2017 David Cooper
What the Bible Says About Sexuality 02-05-2017 David Cooper
Taming the Tongue 01-29-2017 Chip Satterlee
Christian Customs, Custom Christians 01-22-2017 David Cooper
Flight to Egypt 01-15-2017 Eric Light
A Visit from the East 01-08-2017 Chip Satterlee
First Visit to the Temple 01-01-2017 Eric Light
Presenting the Present 12-25-2016 David Cooper
The Replacement David Cooper
The Soil Of Our Hearts Angel Berrios
More Mysterious Mr. Mís David Cooper
Develop a Holy Habit David Wake
It's All Good David Cooper
Pentacost Angel Berrios
A Fatherís Love That Never Fails Wayne Johnson
Let's Go To Church Angel Berrios
The Bible- True Truth Angel Berrios
Prayer- Time Alone With God Angel Berrios
Deception- The Spirit World Angel Berrios
The Basics of Spiritual Growth Angel Berrios
Perseverance Saleta Johnson
The Promise,The Fall,The Return Wayne Johnson
Independence Day Wyne Hutchings
A Father You Can Trust (w/poetry by Karen Buckholtz) Saleta Johnson
Seeing Through God's Eyes (w/special song by Nathan Hutchings) Wyne Hutchings
What Will Your Legacy Be Wyne Hutchings
The Meaning of Life Jay Thompson
Grace Into Action Jay Thompson
How To Abide In The Presence  of God Jerry Owens
It's Never Too Late Bill Killough
Relationships Angel Berrios
Pentacost Bill Killough
Jesus Christ Is The Way Terry Austin
Watch The Tongue David Shirk